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October 05 2017

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Adam Driver Behind the Scenes of Time Magazine photoshoot


Here’s a hot take: villains should be relatable.

Not every villain, not every time, and certainly not to everyone at once, but there should be moments. We should, occasionally, be able to see ourselves in the bad guys, be able to understand how they got there.

Because it reminds us not to fucking go there.

Antis who get upset about villains having relatable qualities (often couched as being “romanticized” or “woobified”) are people who cannot bear to ever think of themselves as having the capability of being wrong.

Every human alive is capable of being a horrible person. Relatable villains remind us to keep an eye on that shit.

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Interviewer: In this movie you lost a hand, and you have a prosthetic hand. So technically you walk around the movie with a han(d) solo or a solo hand. So is this not just the little dip in between the two movies? - [x]

October 04 2017


you ever hear some nerd talk about “the universe is so big and we are so small” and youre like uhhh… sure lol because youre thinking about fried rice. then you watch a space thing and remember oh right space is really big, i forgot. and a guy in a sweater with an Author of subtitle is like “actually theres a 100% chance that a Mega-Sun will Fuck You Up Right Now and the Universe Will Explode

anyway i hope that if theres a big gamma ray burst or supernova or something we all put our differences aside and beat the crap out of it before it hurts any baby goats or dogs or whatever or any little animals like that

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Time transfixed via Rene Magritte

Size: 146x97 cm
Medium: oil, canvas

dumb ass accidentally painted a train instead of a fire

rene magritte has talent but this is a rookie mistake




dietician: [common food or product] is bad for you/carcinogenic/etc

other dietician: no, youre wrong. evidence says its good

me: *sweating and pointing gun between them*

dietician: bread is bad for you

me: *shoots that one*

this post was made by BIG BREAD

please point me to the big bread mentioned

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decided to start a lil project for my portfolio where i’ll illustrate some scenes from hamlet so here’s a lil experimentation for that!

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“You learned how to make a stiff martini with just one arm, is that your party trick now?” - [x]

My son, whose face is still so dear to me-
O, how I see thy mother still in thee.
Dear Leia, who did love this scoundrel so,
I’ve fail’d thee, could not save our boy from woe.
Mount, mount, my soul! Thy seat is up on high,
Whilst my gross flesh sinks downward, here to die.
Han Solo’s dying words to his son, Act V, Scene 1 - The Force Doth Awaken (via starwarsnonsense)
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Did my family write this? I feel personally attacked.



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I can’t believe he killed Harrison Ford twice

October 03 2017

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when bae emulates your lightsaber twirl (inspired by @auranedpost)

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my dnd character!! her name is lady bibith

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this is the most hozier thing hozier could have ever tweeted

the saga continues

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Alina starkov for day 2 of inktober was just an excuse to paint gold everywhere

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