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February 08 2018


we interrupt my persistent neglect of this blog to bring you the latest in Truly Unfortunate cover design choices (courtesy as usual of harperteen):


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axis mundi

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Robert Fludd -  Utriusque Cosmi Maioris Scilicet et Minoris Metaphysica, 1617


oh shit i better not ship this, i would hate to disappoint strangers on ther internet.

February 07 2018

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I’ve waited my entire life for this.

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asoiaf & got characters // pt. IX - Rhaegar Targaryen (ver. II, ver. I)

“It was a prince that was promised, not a princess. Rhaegar, I thought … the smoke was from the fire that devoured Summerhall on the day of his birth, the salt from the tears shed for those who died. He shared my belief when he was young, but later he became persuaded that it was his own son who fulfilled the prophecy. […] Rhaegar battling the Usurper in the bloody waters of the Trident and dying for the woman he loved. […] Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna, and thousands died for it. […] Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.”

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skywalkers + dramatically looking out windows


Writer life: Jolting awake at three in the morning, sweating, heart pounding, upon the realization that you wrote “chutes” in your manuscript, when you should have written “tubes”

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Excuse me as I gather my favorite Sketches and Paintings I’ve done of my Bloodborne Vileblood OC Lucia le Fleur—-…( the first row pieces are my first paintings of her~ before I decided to get creative and make up a custom Hunter’s garb for her~ )




“The pirate films and the romantic films of the ’40s was definitely an influence on Star Wars … The Errol Flynn types of movies … The whole premise of Star Wars was that it’s a romantic fantasy in the great romantic traditions of mythology and King Arthur.”

George Lucas

#omg you mean it ISN’T a dystopian allegory for the real world i am SHOCKED

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art by gozien crayon ( my edits )

Reposted bysurvers survers


the total number of humans ever to have lived is around 108 billion. the total number of people alive today is around 7.8 billion. that means there’s almost 14 skeletons per every living human.

do you think you can destroy 14 skeletons? what about your grandpa can HE destroy 14 skeletons? what about an INFANT CHILD? what kind of BABY can take on


what im saying here is that when the skeleton war happens some poor fool is gonna be fighting 15 skeletons because i’m stripping off my flesh onesie and joining the winning side.

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He’s mine.

greatest entrance


i respect and admire tumblr’s determination to make 2018 a good wholesome year with all the positive vibes being sent out, but i am but a humble man, and i have Both of my knives in Both of my hands. 2018, dont try shit bitch

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“La Llorona” by Daniel Vazquez

February 06 2018

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The Eve of Ivan Kupalo, 1968, Yuri Ilyenko

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Serefin, Nadya, and Malachiasz from @glitzandshadows Something Dark and Holy.  <3 <3

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